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Programs & Sponsorship Committee

Our Mission

The Programs and Sponsorship Committee is responsible for planning and organizing events throughout the year. Events may include breakfast, lunch, or evening programs, and are intended to encourage networking and professional advancement. Committee members help with identifying potential speakers, coordinating directly with speakers in preparation for the events, and other event planning activities. 

The Committee also works with the Board of Directors and Programs Committee to implement a Sponsorship program in line with the overall Chapter’s Strategic Plan and goal for each event. Committee members strategically recruit Sponsors for individual events based on topic and audience and work to ensure that Sponsors receive appropriate exposure commensurate with the value of the sponsorships.

Erin Miller

Chair - Programs

Jill Papagni

Chair - Sponsorship
DPR Construction

Patricia Filippone

Co-Chair - Programs
Suffolk Construction

Erin O'Keefe

Co-Chair - Sponsorship
Cox Engineering